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Life is difficult. The day to day struggle often leaves folks exhausted mentally and physically. On top of that, emotional stress results in a lack of happiness in life. All these negative factors of life lead people towards an unhealthy lifestyle that is filled with temporary relief and permanent troubles. Mental stress is detrimental to one’s physical health. When a person lives a long time in a stressful environment, he/she is bound to feel that their life is nothing but a series of sadness. Depression deeps into their lives and it break their belief in themselves.

I belong to an educational organization and I have seen students taking major steps in depression and stress. I have seen students very close while they are having mental sickness and parents are not even aware of it. The mental stress and phobia of getting failed and scoring fewer marks have tended to increase suicidal actions in students. So, I came up with the idea that why not make a mind tonic that will help students to reduce mental stress and thus increasing the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

AIQ Healthcare is a new but still active leading company in the homeopathic industry whose main objective is to introduce products in the healthcare industries for a significant effect on people's health. For this purpose, we have introduced our first product NEUTONE Memory drops.

A NEUTONE MEMORY DROPS is a combination of biochemical homeopathic dilution to help the body maintain the mineral balance in the body especially the phosphates which are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system. It helps to reduce stress and nervous tension due to mental and physical strain. The basic homeopathic dilution are formulated in the recommended potency to restore normal functions and balance of the nerve cells. It helps to promote tissue building, relieve stress relief, and calms the nerves.



    It is a natural medicine



    It is safe for use on people all ages, children.



    Homeopathic treatment is cost effective.



    It is safe and free from side-effects.